Save From YouTube Videos:- 3 Best YouTube Video Downloaders

It is a very popular question on the internet these days about how to save a YouTube videos for free on a smartphone or PC.

Another question is “What’s the best way to download videos from Youtube for free without any software? No one wishes to download software in order to perform this task.

save from YouTube videos
Best ways to save Youtube videos offline

Also, there are several ways available on the internet for YouTube video downloading with an online YouTube downloader

And you should say downloading videos from YouTube. But still many people don’t know “How to download videos from YouTube for free online” and it is against the google YouTube video policies as well.

Why do People like to Save From YouTube Videos?

Actually, most people Save From YouTube because they want to watch or listen to these Videos again and again for learning purposes or for Entertainment.

  • Sometimes, people don’t have enough Internet Data to watch YouTube Videos multiple times
  • Some people download common creative videos from YouTube for reuse purposes in their own YouTube Channel, which is not recommended at all in the long run.

Therefore, many people have very poor knowledge about “How to save from YouTube Video with yt video downloader”. So I want to share this information about my best recommended YouTube Video Downloader.

Also, you can download videos with a direct button as well on your smartphone or on your PC in different formats and sizes.

How to Save From YouTube Videos To Smartphone?

And, before going further, I want to clarify one thing free download of YouTube videos is not legal and recommended activity at all. 

As on google YouTube video download features, you already have the option to download video FREE offline in the YouTube library for the next 30 days on your smartphone.

save YouTube videos on smartphone
Save videos on a smartphone

Therefore, you can watch these YouTube Videos multiple times for 30 days without any cost. hence It’s a great option to utilize a free video downloader and save from YouTube directly on your mobile without any software, or app. 

So just click on the download link and open YouTube videos in your YouTube video library where you can save a video from youtube offline, and this is a genuine way to use YouTube downloading for free.

Save From YouTube Videos to PC:-

So let’s talk about”how-to video download from YouTube to PC” or Personal Computer, Here you will find the best 2 options for YouTube videos free download.

  1. Video download from link with save from net
  2. Video download free with Firefox Extention

Although there are many YouTube Video Downloaders available for Saving YouTube Videos. But I don’t recommend many to you. 

Because most of these are not user-friendly or unsafe for your PC or Laptop. And display sexual and unhealthy ad content.

Sometimes it becomes so irritating to watch these types of ads again and again. Actually, these types of YouTube videos download for free. 

But not good for your PC as well as not good for your children. so keep away from these. and if possible try to use a YouTube Premium Subscription.

So here I am sharing only the best 2 options with you with all the pros and cons details. 

Also, I don’t support any of these personally as it is not a legal activity according to “Saving YouTube Videos” policies. But for sharing the knowledge I found these 2 options good enough.

Save From YouTube Videos using “Savefromnet“:-

Therefore, multiple options are available as youtube downloaders online. But very few have good quality and limited ads. 

And most Youtube Video downloaders online try to use sexual, pornography, and unexpected ads content for generating high revenues. And I found this site good enough for ad content.

So there are some more Ways to Save From YouTube Videos online in different formats. Such as mp3, AVI, AND download videos on mobile as well.

Process of Save From YouTube Videos From “savefromnet”

This is the fastest site as well and looks simple and clean. Here is a simple process for saving from a net app download. Here you need to follow some steps:-

  1. Open YouTube Website in your browser.
  2. open YouTube videos you want to download for free.
  3. Go to the Site SaveFrom.Net
  4. Enter your YouTube video downloading URL in the black search box
  5. Now select the format you want to download
  6. NOW click to download to PC and save it and done.
download videos with online software.
“savefromnet” online software

This is a simple and easy process to follow and anyone can easily do this without any problem and save HD video songs and download new high-resolution picture quality for sure.

Download Youtube Videos With Firefox Extension:-

Now come to the second option which is “Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express” by using Firefox Extension on your Firefox browser which creates a free online downloader from the YouTube Button itself without any extra work.

The best feature of this YouTube downloader online is that it creates a direct download button on your YouTube site, no need to copy any download URL and paste that on other save from the net app download website.

So, whenever you find any interesting video, you can download it with one click in different formats and sizes. it makes your life simple and easy

firefox extension to download videos
Youtube Firefox Extension


First of all, Save From YouTube Videos with a third party YouTube Video Downloader is not recommended at all, as it is against the Google YouTube Video policy. passive income ideas not connected with any YouTube video downloading site anyway, here I highly recommend subscribing YouTube premium services for this. This post is written for sharing knowledge and awareness for educational purposes only.

Now, I hope you got enough information about how-to Save From YouTube Videos For Free, and How to save from the net to your PC or Desktop.

So all three methods are simple, easy, and workable. And you can use any of them easily. 

Still, if you have any queries or doubts, please let me know in the comment section. Also, share your suggestions and knowledge about it. 

These were my favorite 3 Simple Ways to Save From YouTube Videos For Free with my favorite YouTube Video Downloader.

I hope you will find this post valuable and informative. These 3 ways YouTube videos download will help you in your daily work.

If you find this piece of information valuable. Then please share the post “Save From Youtube Videos:- 3 Best Youtube Video Downloaders” with your friends.

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If you just want to watch YouTube videos for entertainment purposes, I highly recommend getting a YouTube premium subscription. Common Creative Videos are free to download and you may upload them to your YouTube channel giving credits as well.