17 Best Digital Products To Sell Online for Passive Income or Self-Use

Hello there, Are you looking for some digital products to sell? Certainly, The ease of generating passive income from digital products has become increasingly popular among businesses and freelancers in recent years.

Almost 60 percent of people are online today, so finding the right digital products to sell will allow you to reach a huge market. Now is the time for you to join the digital product revolution!

digital products to sell
17 Downloadable Digital Products To Sell

You can create digital products worth selling with just a computer, a mobile device, and an internet connection. It is not necessary to have physical materials, a factory, or a large staff to make this happen. 

You should know if you are a smart entrepreneur that selling digital products has many advantages over selling physical ones. One of the biggest advantages is the potential for high-profit margins!

Would you like to know what digital products are the most popular among online sellers? So you are at the right place, here you will find everything you need.

Most Popular Digital Products To Sell Online

Basically, here are some digital product ideas and inspirations to get you started. The following is a short list of the top digital products you can sell online. Therefore, you can categories these into 4 basic terms.

  1. Downloadable Digital Products
  2. Web-Based Applications
  3. Cloud-Based Design Apps
  4. Professional Services as Products

Downloadable Digital Products To Sell

eBooks/ PDF Files:-

These are electronic Books and digital Files for readers. This is one of the most popular digital products to sell. The process of creating them is relatively straightforward since they only require a few images and some written text.

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Software & Mobile Applications:-

The most common types of software include WordPress plugins, elements, themes, mobile apps, fitness apps, project management apps, video games, Windows Apps, Mac Apps, Linux Apps, iPhone Apps, Android Apps, Web-based apps (SaaS), etc.

Graphic Designs and Digital Art:-

There is a wide variety of products that can be produced by graphic designers and artists. There is a huge customer base available when you sell digital files. For example Logos, Templates Designs, Brand kits, icons, swipe files, elements, etc.

Sell Digital Files on Esty:- Become Esty Superstar

Fonts Style:- Creating and distributing fonts is easy and can be done through websites or via desktop applications such as Word and Photoshop. 

Audio And Music:- The purpose of audio files is to entertain, soothe, inspire, inform, and help individuals achieve their business objectives. Such as recorded lectures, musical samples, audiobooks, relaxing background noises, copyright-free sounds, etc

Photography:- Premium-quality photos have become a very popular digital product. Bloggers and website owners are among the largest consumers of online photographs.

Video:- Online information can be delivered effectively and efficiently via video. You can use content to educate, inform, or entertain your audience. Create stunning videos using these most recommended video editors.

Training & Courses:- Similar to other digital products, courses can be sold on the internet. Some online businesses specialize in selling online courses. Their complementary use is also widespread among businesses.

Web-based Applications (SaaS):-

A web-based application is similar to software, except that it can be accessed online without downloading or installing anything onto your device. Instead, the software is accessed through a web browser.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is another name for this type of software. In some ways, these businesses do not constitute “digital products” in the true sense. But they can be sold in a similar way and are used and perceived similarly by customers.

Some examples of these types of digital services are…

  • Storage:- Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, MediaFire
  • Music:- Spotify, Apple Music
  • Email Automation:- MailChimp, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Brevo
  • CRM:- HubSpot, Salesforce, Nutshell, Pipedrive
  • Learning:- Udemy, Teachable, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, Coursera

Cloud-Based Design App Templates

A number of web-based (cloud) design applications are gaining popularity, such as Canva and VistaCreate. Whether you’re a professional or non-professional, these apps will allow you to create beautiful designs using only a web browser. It’s a great choice for beginners.

Millions of people use them. there are some examples of these types of digital products.

  • Edible Resume Templates
  • Social media post templates
  • lead magnets
  • ebooks cover designs
  • planners & journals
  • business brand kits
  • Business Bundle Templates, etc

Sell Professional Services As Digital Products

Services are often referred to as “products”. Although, it is possible to sell them in the same manner as digital products. As an example, you might sell a premade logo at a defined price that you call a digital product. Similarly, you sell a service that makes a customized logo design for a client for a predetermined price.

A service-based job is one where you receive a specific result in exchange for your time. This is a bespoke product, customized to only that customer, so you may be selling your time for it.

Furthermore, it is advisable to use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin to sell digital products on WordPress. And, over the past year, Easy Digital Downloads has seen a three-fold increase in the number of people selling services.

Therefore, you will find a list of professions that can be sold as online services below:-

  • Graphic designers, web designers
  • Social media managers, Virtual assistants
  • Consultants, Trainers, Coaches
  • Community managers
  • Copywriters, Translators
  • Legal professionals, etc

These were only some ideas of these types of digital services, you can find many more ideas on the site “Fiverr“. This is the best site that offers professional services as digital products. Also, you can sell your service on this platform or ask for any service you are looking for.

My List Of Profitable Digital Products To Sell Online

We put together a list of the most lucrative downloadable & profitable digital products that you can sell online or use in your own projects. Our list of the most profitable digital products is perfect for anyone looking for a side hustle or looking to start an online business.

You can use these digital products for personal use or sell them online to make money. For creating or developing your own digital projects, these ready-to-sell products are very helpful.

Additionally, you can list these digital products on your blog, web-store for resale and earn a 30%-50% commission by selling them through your own store.

As expected, you’ll find all the links and resources you need in this post itself. Now let’s go into all the details and features you’ll see.

21 Ready To Use Downloadable Digital Products To Sell:-

Most of the products on this list can be created within a week with step-by-step training. In contrast, you can earn commissions by selling these products as an affiliate.

1. Bundle Templates For All Digital Marketers:-

Basically, this bundle is specifically designed to meet the needs of small business owners. And you can easily use the templates for your own business!

For this purpose, they are fully editable, so you can match their colors, typography, and photos to your branding! Also, you will receive extensive training to boost your confidence in Canva and speed up your product creation!

So What DoYou Actually Get?

146 Editable Canva Templates…

  • x15 Pinterest pins
  • x10 Facebook banners
  • x20 workbook templates
  • x60 lead magnet templates
  • x10 email newsletter headers
  • x30 challenge social media posts
  • x1 challenge landing page template

Bundle Templates “The Challenge Toolkit” A collection of 146 CANVA templates that are fully editable.


2. Digital Product Creator Templates:-

Fast-track your digital product business with 355 fully editable CANVA TEMPLATES.

Actually, this includes a commercial license for editing and reselling in CANVA or PDF form. And, the license allows you to resell 30 Pinterest base templates and 30 social media base templates.

Moreover, There are 100 planner templates and 50 eBook templates in PDF format that you can resell with commercial rights.


145 Promo templates only for personal & professional use.

  • x60 lead magnet templates
  • x25 product promo social posts
  • x3 email signatures
  • x1 quick links landing page
  • x10 email newsletter headers
  • x25 product promo pins
  • x10 preorder social posts
  • x10 facebook group banners

Also, with this bundle, you’ll get a tutorial on how to edit CANVA templates. A bundle of 20 professional stock images – not available in Canva!

3. Online Course Creators Bundle

This collection contains 385 full-editable CANVA templates designed specifically for course creators to grow their businesses. Additionally, you’ll receive a CANVA video tutorial with this bundle so you can learn how to edit the templates.

These templates were designed by a professional designer, who has created beautiful designs on the web for over a decade. Moreover, she has a clear understanding of what makes a brand successful.

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • 39 workbooks, and 60 lead magnet templates
  • 10 module covers, 25 event covers
  • The 60-page slide deck, 1 sales page
  • 1 quick links landing page
  • 100-page business plan, 45-course launch posts
  • x30 social media posts, 10 group banners.
  • x3 email signature templates

These templates are completely editable, so you can change the colors, typography, and photos to match your brand!

Moreover, our partnership with an incredible photographer brings you 20 stunning stock photos – not available on Canva!

4. Legal Page Templates Bundle:-

In fact, selling legal page templates is a great way to profit from your expertise as a lawyer. Alternatively, you can hire a lawyer For creating these types of templates for you for selling online as digital products.

Actually, when someone starts an online business, it is important to protect that business legally. A legal page template represents an online business as being legal and free from legal infringements.

There are VERY important legal pages, such as privacy policies, disclosures, and terms and conditions, which are required by law.

Therefore, you can design a legal bundle template specifically for bloggers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and small business owners who need legal protection!

Every blogger and entrepreneur needs to own this product.

In fact, legal pages are crucial for your business and should not be overlooked. Below you will find my most popular legal bundle templates that sell like hotcakes.

On-Demand Legal Pages Templates List

Therefore, we offer some other on-demand templates for all online business owners such as…

Now, Let me know Do you want to sell this digital product in your store? To promote your favorite legal template, let me know here “babita@passiveincomeideas.org “which one you want to promote from the 26 templates mentioned above. Moreover, you can choose multiple templates from the list.

5. eBook Creator Templates

Develop a beautiful eBook to drive traffic to your business on autopilot while positioning you as an expert in the booming education industry.

A set of 110 fully editable CANVA TEMPLATES to speed up the creation of your e-book. This bundle is for those who want to create a book, or for those already selling ebooks.

However, they would like to save time making them and achieve profits as quickly as possible.

ebook creator template bundle
ebook creator templates

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x50 ebook Templates
  • x25 product image templates
  • x25 Pinterest pins
  • x10 Preoder graphics
  • CANVA Template Editing Training Video
  • 20 Professional Stock images.

This can also be useful for coaches who want to create a downsell or low-ticket product. This will create an amazing lead magnet if you are a business professional looking to grow your mailing list or group.

This is an amazing digital product you can offer your customers.

6. Group Engagement Templates Bundle

Blow up your group’s engagement with 340 fully editable CANVA TEMPLATES.

All the templates can be customized with your branding colors, typography, and photos, so you can make them your own in no time!

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x25 group banners
  • x20 viral games
  • x10 testimonial templates
  • x100 engagement posts
  • x100 social media quotes
  • x10 tip templates
  • x20 infographic templates
  • x30 group social posts
  • x25 event covers

Here is a video tutorial that will teach you how to edit any Canva template with step-by-step instructions. In addition, you’ll get 20 professional stock images to use in your projects.

7. Journal & Planner Creator Templates

If you have always wanted to create a beautiful planner or journal but didn’t have enough time to do it. Or you’re nervous, you might not know where to begin with your design!

Thus, The Journal & Planner Creator can help you solve your problem. You can easily create your own planner or journal in an hour.

Customizable – change colors, fonts, & images to suit your brand. The package includes 100 beautiful pages that can be edited and customized to suit your needs.

What Are You Actually Going To Get?

  • We have hand-picked 100 premium templates to help you create attractive and sellable digital products.
  • Limited Commercial license included, you can sell printable PDFs made from the file.
  • You can sell printed copies of your planner.
  • It is not allowed to resell or redistribute Canva files.
  • Includes bonus 20 high-quality professional stock photos.
  • Canva file editing training video tutorial.

This is the ultimate bundle for fast-tracking product creation (and your success) – whether you plan to sell as a printable file, gift to your clients, or create planners for Amazon.

8. Lead Magnets Templates

Lead magnets are an incredibly effective marketing tool but can be time-consuming to produce. Our 170 FULLY EDITABLE CANVA TEMPLATES are designed to create the ultimate lead magnets that will help grow your business.

So What Do You Actually Get?

170 CANVA-Based Editable Templates…

  • x50 ebook templates
  • x60 lead magnet templates
  • x25 social media posts
  • x10 Facebook banners
  • x25 Pinterest pins
  • Canva Editing Tutorial Video
  • 20 Professional Stock Images

If you are a business professional looking to grow your mailing list or group, you should create an amazing lead magnet. Lead Magnet Creator can help you accomplish this.

9. Live Launch Bundle Templates

There you’ll get 271 fully editable CANVA templates specifically designed for your course or program launch. Each template is completely editable, so you can easily customize your logo, colors, typography, and photos to fit your brand.

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x1 sales page
  • x60 lead magnet templates
  • x30 social media templates
  • x45 launch social media templates
  • x10 email newsletter templates
  • x25 event covers
  • x10 facebook group banners
  • x15 Pinterest pins
  • x20 workbook templates
  • x3 email signatures

Furthermore, you will receive 20 professional stock images and a training video to help you learn how to customize your templates in Canva.

10. Bundle Templates For Network Marketers

Take your network marketing to the next level with stunning branding and content. So we have designed 451 FULLY EDITABLE CANVA templates specifically targeted at network marketers to help them grow their businesses.

So What Do You Actually get?

  • x5 event covers
  • x80 social media posts
  • x10 Facebook banners
  • x20 viral game posts
  • x30 notification posts
  • x100 engagement posts
  • x100 social media quotes
  • x60 slide deck templates
  • x1 quick link website
  • x1 business card template
  • x10 printable cards
  • x3 email signatures
  • x60 lead magnet templates

Content, branding, social media, printable cards, & so much more! An editing tutorial for templates and 20 stock images are included as a bonus.

11. Presentation Templates Bundle

Let us help you make your next presentation much more effective with 110 CANVA templates! The bonus package includes an editing tutorial and 20 stock images.

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x60 page slidedeck template
  • x4 group banners
  • x20 social media posts
  • x10 newsletter headers
  • 20 professional stock images
  • Canva Editing Guide Video

12. Youtube Bundle Templates

There are 161 fully editable Canva templates designed specifically for YouTubers looking to grow their businesses.

the youtube bundle
The YouTube Bundle

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x3 email signature templates
  • x15 media kit templates
  • x25 proposal templates
  • x12 youtube thumbnails
  • x40 Instagram posts
  • x10 youtube banners
  • x6 youtube end tags
  • x10 email newsletter
  • x40 youtube Pinterest pinsx1 challenge landing page template
  • x60 lead magnet templates
  • x15 Pinterest pins
  • x10 Facebook banners
  • x10 email newsletter headers
  • x30 challenge social media posts
  • x20 workbook templates

13. Virtual Assistant Bundle Templates

Canva templates tailored to grow the business of the virtual assistant with 355 fully editable templates.

virtual assistant bundle
virtual Assistant Bundle

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x50 social media posts
  • x10 event covers
  • x21 services & pricing templates
  • x22 highlights
  • x60 lead magnet templates
  • x10 email header templates
  • x16 roadmap template
  • x31 welcome pack templates
  • x1 website template
  • x100 page business plan
  • x30 notification posts
  • x3 email signatures
  • x1 mini links page

14. The Coach Toolkit

This Toolkit has 512 fully editable CANVA templates designed specifically for coaches who want to grow their businesses.

best digital product to sell for coaches
Coach’s Toolkit

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x15 Pinterest pins
  • x45 launch social media posts
  • x30 brand social media posts
  • x10 email newsletter headers
  • x25 event covers
  • x20 challenge templates
  • x60 lead magnet templates
  • x1 sales page template
  • x1 quick links template
  • x60 slidedeck templates
  • x39 workbook templates
  • x16 roadmap templates
  • x31 onboarding templates
  • x21 pricing templates
  • x100 social media quotes
  • x3 email signatures

15. The Brand Bundle Templates

The set contains 176 fully editable CANVA TEMPLATES along with Canva editing tutorials and 20 professional stock images.

the brand bundle
The Brand Bundle

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x61 logo templates
  • x10 mood board
  • x1 gift certificate template
  • x1 loyalty card template
  • x3 email signature templates
  • x100 social media quotes
  • x1 mini links template
  • x1 thank you card
  • x2 business card templates
  • x10 brand guidelines

16. Social Signature Bundle Templates

A collection of 315 FULLY EDITABLE CANVA templates specifically created to help businesses improve their social media presence.

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • x100 social media quotes
  • x50 social media templates
  • x30 notification posts
  • x22 insta highlights
  • Pinterest board cover, banner + profile image
  • x20 Linkedin Banners
  • x15 facebook group banners
  • x54 Carousels

With the bonus of 20 high-quality professional stock photos, you will receive a video tutorial on how to edit files in Canva.

17. Audience Building Templates Kit

It includes everything you need to get started building your email list with Kartra.

Featuring professionally designed pages, email scripts written by experts, and over 285 matching Canva templates, this kit is perfect for beginners.

Complete template Kit to sell as digital product

What’s Included?

  • A step-by-step tutorial for setting up your Kartra account for total beginners.
  • 7 Professionally Written Scripts.
  • Opt-In Page To Gather Email Addresses.
  • Project Steps Trello Board.
  • An Integrated Kartra Template for One-Page Websites
  • 155 Brand Bundle Canva Templates 
  • Social Signature Canva Templates 
  • Engagement Bundle Canva Templates 
  • Dedicated Portal with BONUS Audience Building Workshop

You’ll no longer struggle with inconsistent branding across your website, social media, and lead magnets. It’s all done for you.

Bonus Template Society:- All-in-One Pack

Make your business stand out with 15 gorgeous template bundles. Would you be interested in investing in the only template bundle you’ll ever need?

Your branding and business resources will be so much easier to manage with this large collection of beautifully designed templates that can be completely edited.

all in one digital product to sell

So What You Will Actually Get?

  • The Course Creator Bundle (385 Templates)
  • The Challenge Toolkit (146 Templates)
  • The Coach’s Toolkit (512 Templates)
  • Live Launch Bundle (217 Templates)
  • The Brand Bundle (176 Templates)
  • The Virtual Assistant Bundle (355 Templates)
  • Group Engagement Bundle (340 Templates)
  • The Digital Product Creator Pack (355 Templates)
  • Lead Magnet Creator (170 Templates)
  • Presentation Bundle (110 Templates)
  • The Youtube Bundle (161 Templates)
  • The Journals & Planner Creator (100 Templates)
  • The eBook Creator (110 Templates)
  • Social Signature Bundle (315 Templates)
  • The Network Marketers Bundle (481 Templates)

Note:- Some templates are common in most of the template bundles.

You will get permanent access to a growing library of templates – any new templates will be added automatically to your portal. Plus, you’ll receive a CANVA Template Editing Tutorial and 20 professional stock images.


In conclusion, you know what to sell on your store online. you can first choose the most suitable digital products to sell. Your creativity can lead to a unique product you can market.

Now is the time to get started! You will find plenty of resources and ideas on our blog for online creators like you. Therefore, you can choose multiple products from here to sell in your own online store.

In this way, your business can grow quickly, and you will be able to create your own digital products over time.

Now, I hope you enjoyed the “17 Downloadable Digital Products To Sell Online or For Self-Use” post, and found it valuable.

Do share this post with your friends so that they can get these incredible digital products or sell them on their websites to make passive income online.