21 Best Web Design Tools for Beginners:- Create Stunning Websites

Building and customizing websites, blogs, and online stores are made easier with The best web design tools. Plugins, themes, templates, and web hosting are all necessary.

With these web toolkit, your website will look better and perform better if you optimize its speed and performance.

So, to help you build and customize great professional-looking websites, blogs, or e-commerce stores. Therefore, we recommend the best web design tools such as hosting, themes, templates, and plugin resources.

It has all the optimized features that generate revenue and performs best in Google search results. Building a beautiful website is super important in today’s digital world.

Your website is like your online identity and brand image, and it can significantly boost your income. So, think about making it visually appealing and attractive. This way, when people visit your site, they’ll be impressed and more likely to engage with your business.

A well-designed website helps you look professional and knowledgeable, so visitors won’t see you as a beginner. Make your digital home a place that everyone loves to explore!

What Are Web Design Tools?

It is generally understood that Web Design tools are any material or software programs that are used to create an effective, beautiful, and responsive website.

In other words, to design an effective, aesthetically pleasing, and responsive website, you need web tools. These are general materials and software programs.

Therefore, all web tools you need to create a blog or website from scratch will be a web design tool. Thus, these may include platforms, web hosting, domain, themes, templates, plugins, elements, graphics, etc.

Why Do You Need Web Design Tools?

Basically, there are a few key reasons why you need web design tools:-

  1. Essential For Web Creation:- Platforms, hosting, themes, plugins, and domains are some of the essential tools for creating a website or blog. Without these web tools, you cannot create a website. It is equally important to have other tools such as designer kits, elements, ready-to-use templates, forms, etc. if you do not know anything about coding or web development.
  2. To save time:- If you’re not a web designer or developer by trade, then chances are you don’t have the time to design and build a website from scratch. With web design tools, you can get a professional-looking website up and running in a fraction of the time.
  3. To save money:- Unless you have a large budget to work with, you’ll likely want to find ways to save money when building your website. Hiring a professional to design and build your site can be costly, but with web design tools, you can do it yourself.

The Best Web Design Tools For Beginners

To run a business online, you must have a website, a blog, or an online store, so that you can do business digitally. Thus, you need to create a website, a blog, or a store.

  • The digital space where your website will exist is called a website creation platform or a website builder. Some of the well-known web platforms include WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc.
  • In order to operate your website, you will need Web hosting. This is an operating system that handles all your web pages, forms, storage, and settings. There are many web-hosting sites, such as Bluehost, Hostinger, Cloudways, etc.
  • Defining your website’s name and giving it a digital identity is what a domain is all about.
  • Templates and themes define the overall look and feel of a website and give it the shape it needs to appear on the web
  • These plugins are commonly used to integrate your website with other websites and software to enhance its appearance, speed, and functionality.
  • There are well-known plugins that are designed to help with SEO, list building, site speed optimization, online store settings, and payment settings, among many others.
  • You should use elements and graphics to give your website or blog a professional look. This can include icons, logos, stock images, graphics, etc.

To help you select the right web platform, web hosting, themes, plugins, and elements. Let me describe some of the most suitable options for your business.

The Best Website Creation Platforms

When it comes to website creation platforms, there are many to choose from. Which one is the best for you?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a website creation platform. These include the features offered, ease of use, price, and support.

Some of the best website creation platforms include WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. WordPress is the most popular platform and has a wide range of features and plugins available. However, Wix and Squarespace both offer excellent features and are very easy to use.

Let’s take a look at each of these website creation platforms one by one for a better understanding…

wix website builderWix Website Builder

Compared to other site builders, I consider Wix web design tool to be the Mercedes. Although it comes with a lot of features, some of its technology is quite proprietary.

A user can choose from more than 500 templates, which is incredibly generous. The editor is mobile-friendly. Mobile preview and editing make it easy to see how your site would look on a mobile device. LEARN MORE

wordpressWordPress Open Source

The WordPress content management system (CMS) is free and open source and written in hypertext preprocessor language. It uses either MySQL or MariaDB databases with HTTPS support.

The WordPress system was initially designed to create blogs but has since evolved to support a wide range of web content types, including mailing lists, forums, membership sites, online stores, and learning management systems (LMS). LEARN MORE

SquarespaceSquarespace Website Builder

We’ve seen some of the most impressive template designs available with Squarespace, one of the most powerful website builders we’ve seen. This is a powerful all-arounder that offers both e-commerce features and website tools.

Its high quality is evident in the overall score. For most small businesses, It makes sense, especially for those who want an attractive, affordable website fast LEARN MORE

hubspotHubSpot Website Builder

The HubSpot platform makes it easy to build beautiful, branded websites with no coding knowledge. You can easily create a custom website for your business using our drag-and-drop website builder.

Using HubSpot’s CRM platform, you can monitor the success of your website and watch your business grow. LEARN MORE

godaddyGoDaddy Website Builder

With Godaddy Website Builder, no technical knowledge is required to create a modern, professional website. Thousands of templates are available for you to choose from. Experience industry-leading customer service 24/7.

An interface that allows users to swipe from one style to another. Images created by professionals. Countless pages. A wide range of options for customization LEARN MORE

SHOPIFYShopify eCommerce Site Builder

Using the Shopify platform, you can create e-commerce websites backed by powerful tools for finding customers, driving sales, and managing your business.

Keep serving customers without missing a beat by turning your retail store into an online store. It doesn’t matter what eCommerce platform you currently use, you can bring your business to Shopify.

A community of world-class designers has created hundreds of customizable templates. With app extensions from Shopify partners, you can enhance your online store with more features and functionality. LEARN MORE

wix ecommerceWix eCommerce Platform

Your eCommerce website should adapt to your business at every stage, from the start-up stage to selling internationally. Take your business global with advanced localization capabilities.

Add drop shipping and print-on-demand to your offering, and grow your customer base. The Wix eCommerce website builder allows you to choose from a wide range of fully customizable free eCommerce website templates, and tools. LEARN MORE

The Best Web-Hosting Services

When it comes to finding the best web hosting services, it can be hard to know where to start. After all, there are so many options available on the market today. Therefore, to get the best value, however, you should consider the following best web hosting services.

Actually, these are well-known providers of web hosting services, and they offer a wide range of features and options. And, their services are affordable, and they offer a range of support options, including 24/7 customer support.

bluehostBluehost Web-Hosting

Bluehost is a wise choice if you’re starting out and looking for an affordable yet reliable web hosting service. And most importantly, WordPress recommends it as well.

In addition to a free domain for one year and an SSL certificate, Bluehost provides a user-friendly WordPress dashboard where you can manage your blog. Bloggers who are just beginning can use it without any hesitation, and you can always switch hosts at any time.

Check out the guide if you’re interested in starting a blog. The Step-by-Step Guide To Starting A Profitable WordPress Blog.

Using Bluehost for self-hosted WordPress blogs is very easy. In this guide, you will learn all the steps you need to take. In fact, I followed exactly the same steps to start my own blog. LEARN MORE

hostinger web hostingHostinger Web-Hosting

Shared hosting with Hostinger is one of the most affordable options available on the market today. When your site can’t stay online, unlimited or free services mean nothing. It was a pleasure to work with Hostinger because we had fast speeds, terrific support, and so much more.

Fast loading time – 307 ms, high uptime 99.97%, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Multilingual customer support, Free Website Builder, Domain Name, etc

There are many payment options available at Hostinger, including Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Discover, Bitcoin, Maestro, American Express, and JCB.

ULTIMATE SALE – Up to 90% OFF Web Hosting + Free Domain

Hostinger is known for its speed and reliability. For a very competitive price, the Premium, Cloud Hosting, and Business Web Hosting plans have a lot more to offer than the entry-level Single-Web Hosting plan. If you’re unhappy with Hostinger’s service, you can get a 30-day refund.

Moreover, if you need assistance, customer support is responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. LEARN MORE

cloudways web hostingCloudways Web-Hosting

The Cloudways platform lets you focus on building your site rather than worrying about technical details. Therefore, Cloudways will oversee the cloud hosting of your site regardless of whether you use Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or another infrastructure.

One-Click WordPress Hosting with Dead-Easy Installation. The Cloudways WordPress hosting platform is designed to make WordPress hosting as simple as possible. You get:

  1. One-click installation setup, backups, and restores
  2. A built-in cache plugin
  3. WordPress Migrator plugin allows you to migrate as many WordPress sites as you want for free
  4. Your WordPress server can be scaled

The Best Domain Names Service Providers

Cloudways is known for its flexibility. Cloudways offers a range of cloud providers, as well as security and WordPress management. LEARN MORE


GoDaddy is one of the top domain registrars and web hosting providers on the Internet. Approximately 18.5 million customers and over 77 million domains are managed by GoDaddy as of June 2019.

The reliability and customer service of their services have always impressed me, both for personal and professional websites.

For registering domains and setting up hosting for your website, GoDaddy is a wise choice. Their prices are very competitive, and they offer a variety of services.

I have always been impressed with their customer service, as well as their uptime. If you’re looking for a domain registrar, I recommend GoDaddy without hesitation. LEARN MORE


Easy setup, Low prices, Best Support. With Namecheap, you can save up to 98%! Take advantage of free tools designed specifically for you. Get your idea off the ground and save money. 4.7 on Shopper Approved.

The most trusted domain registrar with over 15 million domains. Serving you for over 21 years.

Up to 40% off your new VPS hosting!

You can buy a domain name and find the right hosting for it.

webe design tools

You can choose from shared, VPS, dedicated, or managed WordPress hosting. Add a professional email address. Take the stress out of security with low-cost SSL certificates, Premium DNS, VPN, and more.

Power up your business with our range of apps. From Logo Maker and our Visual Suite to Supersonic CDN. Great Customer Support:- Real people are ready to assist you with any issue, any time, 24/7 LEARN MORE


There is everything you need to succeed online, from building a simple website to creating an e-commerce store. The best part is that they all work together to create a seamless online experience.

Their customers have achieved online success across all industries for over two decades, making them one of the largest and most trusted registrars. They have all the tools and services you need when it comes to creating your own blog or building your own online store.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with their experts and they will help you set up a website marketing plan. Domain.com could be your one-stop solution for getting online faster and easier than ever. LEARN MORE

The Best Themes or Templates Services

When it comes to WordPress, there are two main types of themes: free and premium. Free themes are great for getting started with WordPress, but they typically don’t offer as much customization as premium themes.

Premium themes are usually more expensive, but they offer a lot more features and customization options. If you’re serious about building a WordPress site, then a premium theme is probably the way to go.

There are also a few other types of themes, such as eCommerce themes and child themes. E-commerce themes are designed for sites that sell products or services online, while child themes are designed to be used with a parent theme.

Therefore, I am sharing with you my favorite website themes and template service companies that are leading rapidly in the online business world. You can consider any of these web design tools for your website creation

elegant theme Elegant Themes

This is my one of the favourite web design tool With the Ultimate Visual Page Builder, you can build any page you can think of.

The Divi theme is a flagship theme with a visual page builder. Based on statistics from BuiltWith.com, it’s the world’s most popular premium WordPress theme.

This theme is more than just a theme – it’s a framework for building websites that allows you to build beautiful websites.

You can do it without touching a single line of code and without installing and configuring dozens of separate plugins.

responsive website design tool

Streamlines the creation of websites with ready-made templates. Customize the appearance of your site by dragging and dropping items and content.

Provides HTML-savvy administrators with the ability to customize their website with code. Unique domain names are available for purchase.

By offering e-commerce capabilities, users can convert their website into an online store. Provides content management services, including blogs, marketing tools, and newsletters. LEARN MORE

GeneratePress Theme LogoGeneratePress Themes

Using this theme is another excellent way to create a fast website. A website can be designed with some basic knowledge or you can use pre-made templates and other premium features. Developers recommend this theme most often.

A lightweight WordPress theme focused on speed, stability, and accessibility, GeneratePress is a powerful theme that will strengthen your website. You can start your website off right, whether you’re a freelancer, a company, or a hobbyist. LEARN MORE

astraAstra Themes

Astra is designed for speed. It offers unmatched performance and is the lightest theme on the market. With a visual theme customizer, you can not only make your website fast but also make it look exactly the way you want!

You can disable the page titles and sidebars in Astra. The design of your full-width pages is completely up to you. With our starter template library, you can use pixel-perfect website demos to speed up a website design.

Fastest WordPress Theme web design tool

With the WordPress Customizer, you can change the design. There is no need to know any coding! Astra was one of the first themes to be compatible with Gutenberg. This compatibility has grown stronger over time.

At the moment, Astra has the most comprehensive collection of free Gutenberg starter templates available. Additionally, Gutenberg blocks’ styling and spacing are automatically managed by the editor, which allows users to create custom layouts. LEARN MORE

Best Web Tools:- Plugins, Elements & Graphics Providers

There is no doubt, the power of elements and graphics can make your blog and website look professional and give your brand the image it deserves. Additionally, plugins can improve the speed and performance of a website. Therefore, I am sharing some of the best plugins and elements platforms below to choose from…

envato marketEnvato Marketplace

You can find all the graphic elements, themes, and plugins you need in one place. This kit has everything you need to complete your next creative project.

Designers, developers, photographers, illustrators & producers from around the world have created over 9 million digital products.

In order to ensure high-quality design and functionality standards, Envato carefully reviews each submission from its community.

envato web design tools & plugins

Also, There is always something to catch your attention, whether you are looking for multipurpose themes or niche templates.

And, It is always a pleasure to discover new freebies on the Envato Market. There are thousands of web templates available on ThemeForest, WordPress plugins, graphic assets of all kinds, and background music tracks of all kinds. LEARN MORE about this web design tool.

envato marketEnvato Elements

There are millions of video templates, WP themes, photos, graphic templates, and more available here! With ready-to-use graphic, web, and video templates, you can deliver better projects faster.

You have endless creative possibilities when using Elements for your design projects. With their subscription, you get access to a community of world-class talented designers in one place. Putting design within everyone’s reach.

This Web Design Tool Offers you…

  • Video templates: Completely edible templates for video
  • Graphic templates: You can find graphic templates for resumes, catalogs, and more on their site.
  • Web templates – an extensive list of templates available to you. You can select the one you need.
  • Presentation templates:- Browse Through the Range Of Different Products.

You can also get 12 hand-picked files that include fonts, presentations, videos, and more. Get them now by creating a free account. LEARN MORE

envato marketEnvato Placeit

It can help you make your own logo, a mock-up, a video, a gaming character, a business card, a social media image, or animation. There are thousands of free templates to choose from. With Placeit, you can download unlimited files

  • Free Templates: Creating professional designs for no cost has never been easier! Get free mockups, designs, videos, and logos from our ever-changing library.
  • Video Maker: Create Product And Service Overview Videos For Your Clients.
  • Logo Maker: Browse the available logos by industry.
  • Instant Mockup Generator: Check out the Available Products. Search By Age, Tags, And More.

The best gaming designs are right here for you to make your Twitch stream or YouTube channel look great in no time. LEARN MORE about this web toolkit.

Also, take a look at my other Tools & Resources that can help you build and optimize your online business and maximize your earning potential.


When it comes to web design tools, there are a lot of different web tools out there that can help you get the job done. But which ones are the best?

In fact, that really depends on your needs and preferences. There are some great all-in-one web design platforms like Wix and Squarespace that make it easy to create a professional website without any coding required.

If you’re looking for more control and flexibility, then a content management system like WordPress might be a better option. And if you’re looking for a web store, you’ll probably want to use eCommerce hosting platforms like Shopify or Wix eCommerce.

Finally, you can optimize your website’s speed, performance, and appearance with web tools such as themes, plugins, and elements. So you must now decide which web design tools will work best for your web creation project.


Hopefully, you found the post useful and enjoyed it. And you may find this useful when deciding which web design tools to use. So do share this article with your friends so that they can also benefit from it.

Feel free to share your suggestions and queries in the comment section. In this way, we will be able to create more valuable content for you by understanding what you’re looking for.