Digital Tools:-Resource Toolkit

So, if you like the idea and want to start or have already started your digital career, you need some digital tools and resources to build or run your online business.

Now if you looking for some digital tools and resources to start or grow your online business, which can enable you to build and market your online business and definitely save your time, effort, and money? I can help you.

Digital marketing tools & Resources

Therefore, I suggest and recommend some free or paid digital tools and resources that are very useful in Online Marketing.

These digital marketing tools help digital marketers to increase productivity and efficiency, save time, and perform competitive analysis, market research, planning, strategy, and more.

We have categorized these digital marketing tools and resources into different categories to make it easier to find the right tools and resources.

Therefore, there are several major categories under which you can find the right tools to solve your business objectives. You can select any category to find the related digital tool you are looking for. These categories are:

Here we define each category and propose all the digital marketing tools associated with those categories. That will help you meet all your online business requirements. So let’s get started…

Web-Hosting & Web-Customization Tools

Web designing and customization digital tools help you build and customize websites, blogs, and online stores. Use web hosting, themes, templates, and plugins. Enhance the look of your website and optimize speed and performance.

Therefore, we recommend the best web hosting, themes, templates, and plugin resources for building and customizing great professional-looking websites, blogs, or e-commerce stores. That actually performs the best in Google search results and has all the optimized features that generate revenue.

bluehostBluehost Web-Hosting

The Bluehost web hosting service is a wise choice if you’re new to the Internet and looking for an affordable yet reliable service. The awesome part is that WordPress recommends it as well.

hostinger web hosting Hostinger Web-Hosting

One of the most affordable hosting options available today is shared hosting with Hostinger. We had a wonderful experience working with Hostinger because we were able to get high-speed Internet, great customer service, and so much more.

ULTIMATE SALE – Up to 90% OFF Web Hosting + Free Domain

cloudways web hostingCloudways Web-Hosting

Instead of worrying about technical details, Cloudways allows you to focus on building your website. Whether you use Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or another cloud hosting platform, Cloudways will take care of your site’s hosting in the cloud.

elegant theme Elegant Themes

You can create any page you can imagine with the Ultimate Visual Page Builder. A visual page builder is provided with Divi’s flagship theme. More than a theme, this is an entire framework for building websites with no hands-on coding required and no need to install dozens of plugins to do so.

GeneratePress Theme LogoGeneratePress Themes

WordPress theme GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that boosts your website’s performance, stability, and accessibility. Whether you’re a freelancer, a business, or a hobbyist, you can get your website off to a winning start.

astraAstra Themes

Designed for speed. Besides offering unmatched performance, it is also the lightest theme on the market. You can make your website look exactly how you want with a visual theme customizer!

Astra currently offers the largest collection of free Gutenberg starter templates. In addition, Gutenberg blocks’ spacing and styling are automatically managed by the editor, allowing users to create custom layouts.

envato marketEnvato Marketplace

A single place is where you can find all the graphic elements, themes, and plugins that you need. Whether you’re working on a personal project or a business one, this kit has everything you need.

The Envato Market is always a wonderful place to discover new freebies. There are thousands of free web templates on ThemeForest, as well as plugins for WordPress, graphics, and background music tracks.


Easy setup, low prices, and excellent customer service. Take advantage of Namecheap’s 98% discount! Make the most of free digital tools designed just for you. Save money and get your idea off the ground. On Shopper Approved, 4.7 stars.

If you buy a domain name, you can find hosting for it as well. You can choose from shared, VPS, dedicated, or managed WordPress hosting. Add a professional email address, etc.

Content Creation & Writing Tools

Content creation and copywriting tools help with the content creation process, niche selection, topic selection, spelling and grammar checking, plagiarism checking, proofreading, and SEO-Optimized article creation. And so on, all fall into this category.

Hence, we recommend some of the best content creation and copywriting tools and resources to help you create great and attention-grabbing articles.

TOPIC RESEARCH TOOLSEMrush Topic Research Tool

Using topic research can help you generate ideas for your content plan quickly and inspire further exploration. Using SEMrush’s topic research tool, you can quickly and easily develop ideas on your core topic.

Here you can browse real-time questions and articles related to a subtopic. READ MORE

SEMRUSHSEMrush Marketing Calendar

When you plan your content strategy around a calendar, you will be held accountable for taking the steps necessary to continuously drive growth.

You can keep on top of a regular publishing schedule by using the SEMrush Marketing Calendar, which helps you keep track of your posting schedule. READ MORE

SEMRUSHSEMrush SEO Content Template

When creating your own content, you should consider what helps the top results rank. In order to compete, you need to understand what content is ranking high for your target keywords.

And how to incorporate that content into your own page. The SEMrush content template can help you get started. READ MORE


You can use Feedly to keep your marketing teams informed about blogs, websites, and YouTube channels of your choice.

Using keyword alerts, they can determine recurring public interest in your brand quickly by setting up recurring alerts around your brand name or branded hashtags. READ MORE


The task of creating error-free content might seem simple, but it is more difficult than it seems. You can use Grammarly a best digital tool to check for spelling and grammar errors as you write, as well as to tone down your writing and check for plagiarism.

Also, you’ll avoid typos when you share socially with the browser add-on. Ensure your content is error-free and well-read with this helping hand. READ MORE

Jarvis ai


For error-free content writing, ProWritingAid is a great digital marketing tool. With its AI-powered writing assistant, you can edit your content in real-time, making it easier to create quality content.

As with Grammarly, this digital tool will check your article for grammar, spelling, style, and other formatting errors. Besides providing a readability score, it also lets you know how varied your sentences are, and if you use the passive voice. 

The ProWritingAid desktop application can be used independently or integrated into apps like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and OpenOffice. Almost every website on the web is checked by their browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. READ MORE


Readability and engagement can be improved through visual content. Therefore, Canva is a great tool for creating amazing graphics for your content.

Canva’s free and paid versions let you create simple yet effective images, charts, and animated graphics without any design experience. READ MORE

Answer the PublicAnswer the Public

It identifies all the useful phrases and questions people are asking around your keyword based on data provided by search engines such as Google’s autocomplete feature.

With it, you can create awesome products, services, and content based on consumer insights. Customers really want this kind of service. READ MORE

Hemingway AppHemingway Editor

The Hemingway App helps you shorten your sentences and makes your writing more readable. By running your writing through the HEMINGWAY APP, you will see immediately where improvements can be made. READ MORE

SEO, Social Media Marketing

You can use a variety of tools to get the most out of your online presence when managing and marketing your business through social media. Hootsuite, Tailwind, Buzzsumo, and Sprout Social are among the most popular tools for social media management and marketing.

Hootsuite is a great social media management tool that allows users to manage numerous social media accounts at once. Tailwind is a very helpful digital tool for Pinterest marketing, and Buzzsumo offers viral content ideas.

I want to share with you my favorite tools for social media marketing and management that will help you grow your online business consistently and automatically.


Social media management platform Hootsuite helps you manage your social media accounts. Users can integrate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and other social networks.

Content and ad campaigns can be created, scheduled, published, and managed from a single dashboard. You can focus on other aspects of your business while getting real-time insights into your social media marketing.


This software application allows you to manage your social network accounts by scheduling posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn and analyzing the results.

This will enable you to engage with your community. It is available on the web and on mobile devices. You can grow your audience organically with Buffer. You can make your content stand out with Buffer by knowing when and what to publish.

By sharing your content on the right channels, Buffer will suggest hashtags that will help your business grow. With automated reports, Buffer will showcase your work and publish everything for you.


This digital marketing tool makes social media marketing easier and faster by automating the most challenging parts. Publish content on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook quickly and easily. Tailwind provides real-world examples and post ideas.

With Tailwind’s easy-to-follow plan, you can stay organized. You can also market your business using Tailwind Tribes. For a comprehensive understanding of Tailwind, read this Tailwind Review Here.


Identify the most effective content. Get in touch with the influencers who matter. Identify influencers, create high-quality content, monitor your performance, and generate ideas based on their insights.

BuzzSumo is trusted by millions of marketers to find out which content works and which sinks. There are some main components to this platform: Discover content ideas by browsing topics, trends, and forums.

With BuzzSumo, you can track what’s rising and what’s falling. With BuzzSumo, you can harvest meaningful insights from billions of articles and social posts.


It scrapes your blog posts and content and creates nine individual posts, which are then dripped out over the course of a year on your social media channels. Using Missinglettr, you’ll be able to create content, schedule campaigns, manage client approvals, and export campaign assets to use in other marketing campaigns.

Missinglettr is an all-in-one social marketing platform that helps you find trending content online and makes your content engaging on social media.


This is a FREE digital tool to grow your website traffic. Sumo has many useful traffic and social media tools that can help you improve your marketing tactics. The social sharing feature of Sumo is one of its most relevant features. Visitors to your website can easily share your content on social media with this feature, and it keeps track of how many times it has been shared.


Using this tool, you can create rules that make it easier to manage your social media empire. You can create rules that trigger specific actions when certain events occur.

You could, for instance, set up a rule that adds all Google notifications for a specific alert to a Google Doc. This way, you can check them all at the end of the day. It can simplify your process and improve your individual productivity by eliminating manual back-and-forth.

Sprout Social

With Sprout Social’s all-in-one social media management tool, engage your community, publish content, analyze your results, and collaborate with your team. Your client relationships will improve when you respond quickly to clients.

In addition, you will be able to stay on top of your social marketing plans when you use optimization tools. By staying up to date on trends, and keeping an eye on competitors, you can connect and engage with customers and fans quickly and easily. Internal data is available, such as reply time, the number of replies, and sentiment.


Tagembed is a network that aggregates social media content. A seamless interface for displaying social feeds from 18+ social networks. Provide your website visitors with quality content by discovering, collecting, curating, and embedding social media content from 18+ diverse social media platforms.

You can search for relevant social content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google reviews, YouTube, TikTok, and many other social networks. Collect social feeds from all social platforms into a widget based on hashtags, handle, page, profile, mention, list, etc, and display them on the website.


If you want to increase the reach of your content and give your readers the option to share it on their favorite social media sites, ShareThis is worth considering. You can get them up and running quickly.

After that, your visitors will be able to share your content on all the popular social networks with just one click. The ShareThis platform allows you to create share buttons for 40 of the most popular social media platforms.


Manage all major social media platforms from one place, including Facebook Groups, Pinterest Boards, TikTok, Google Business Pages, and more. Create and schedule customizable posts for each social media platform, with images, videos, GIFs, tags, and more.

The bulk scheduling feature allows you to schedule up to 500 posts at once. Your social media strategy and execution are better understood with the social calendar.


Agorapulse’s tools for Social site management, publishing, research, monitoring, and team collaboration make it easy to manage your social media. All social media messages, reviews, and comments are in one place.

Develop a plan, collaborate with others, and schedule content across all of your social media channels. Explore your brand’s trends and insights, as well as those of your competitors. Identify what’s working and what’s not by creating informative and actionable reports. Track which posts and conversations generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Downloadable Digital Products

These downloadable digital products are basically a bunch of templates. With these downloadable digital products, you can create your own digital products, and social media content, brand your business, or create lead magnets to build your email list.

For a fast and consistent profit, you can also resell these products as your own on your store or blog. Here is a detailed article on the topic “21 Downloadable Digital Products To Sell Online or For Self-Use“. Read it for detailed information.

Now, check out these downloadable digital tools for understanding how these can help you for building your online business.

The Challenge Toolkit:- Bundle Templates for digital business

Basically, this bundle is specifically designed to meet the needs of small business owners. And you can easily use the templates for your own business! Bundle Templates “The Challenge Toolkit” A collection of 146 CANVA templates that are fully editable.


A Step By Step Guide On How To Use YouTube To Drives Sales and Recruits! WITHOUT SPAMMING FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Download Free YouTube Starter-kit today.

The Course Creators Bundle:- Templates For Creating Online Course

This collection contains 385 full-editable CANVA templates designed specifically for course creators to grow their businesses. Additionally, you’ll receive a CANVA video tutorial with this bundle so you can learn how to edit the templates.

Digital Product Creator Templates:-

Fast-track your digital product business with 355 fully editable CANVA TEMPLATES. Actually, this includes a commercial license for editing and reselling in CANVA or PDF form. And, the license allows you to resell 30 Pinterest base templates and 30 social media base templates.

eBook Creator Templates

Develop a beautiful eBook to drive traffic to your business on autopilot while positioning you as an expert in the booming education industry. A set of 110 fully editable CANVA TEMPLATES to speed up the creation of your e-book. This bundle is for those who want to create a book, or for those already selling ebooks.

Group Engagement Templates Bundle

Blow up your group’s engagement with 340 fully editable CANVA TEMPLATES. All the templates can be customized with your branding colors, typography, and photos, so you can make them your own in no time!

Journal & Planner Creator Templates

If you have always wanted to create a beautiful planner or journal but didn’t have enough time to do it. Or you’re nervous, you might not know where to begin with your design! Thus, The Journal & Planner Creator can help you solve your problem. You can easily create your own planner or journal in an hour.

Lead Magnets Templates

Lead magnets are an incredibly effective marketing tool but can be time-consuming to produce. Our 170 FULLY EDITABLE CANVA TEMPLATES are designed to create the ultimate lead magnets that will help grow your business.

Live Launch Bundle Templates

There you’ll get 271 fully editable CANVA templates specifically designed for your course or program launch. Each template is completely editable, so you can easily customize your logo, colors, typography, and photos to fit your brand.

Bundle Templates For Network Marketers

Take your network marketing to the next level with stunning branding and content. So we have designed 451 FULLY EDITABLE CANVA templates specifically targeted at network marketers to help them grow their businesses.

Presentation Templates Bundle

Let us help you make your next presentation much more effective with 110 CANVA templates! The bonus package includes an editing tutorial and 20 stock images.

Youtube Bundle Templates

There are 161 fully editable Canva templates designed specifically for YouTubers looking to grow their businesses.

Virtual Assistant Bundle Templates

Canva templates tailored to grow the business of the virtual assistant with 355 fully editable templates.

The Coach Toolkit

This Toolkit has 512 fully editable CANVA templates designed specifically for coaches who want to grow their businesses.

The Brand Bundle Templates

The set contains 176 fully editable CANVA TEMPLATES along with Canva editing tutorials and 20 professional stock images.

Social Signature Bundle Templates

A collection of 315 FULLY EDITABLE CANVA templates specifically created to help businesses improve their social media presence.

Audience Building Templates Kit

It includes everything you need to get started building your email list with Kartra. Featuring professionally designed pages, email scripts written by experts, and over 285 matching Canva templates, this kit is perfect for beginners.

Template Society:- All-in-One Pack

Make your business stand out with 15 gorgeous template bundles. Would you be interested in investing in the only template bundle you’ll ever need? Your branding and business resources will be so much easier to manage with this large collection of beautifully designed templates that can be completely edited.

List Building & Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are a great way to reach out to potential customers and keep them updated on your company’s latest news, products, and services.

There are a variety of tools available, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most popular email marketing tools mentioned below that can help you build your email list and automate your entire business.

These email marketing tools offer a variety of features, including templates, automatic email sending, and customizable email signatures. It also has a wide range of integrations with other software, so you can easily send and manage your emails from a single


The Brevo formerly SendinBlue website marketing platform has everything you need to market your website. With beautifully designed emails, you can promote your brand and grow your business.

It’s easier than ever to do professional email marketing. Send targeted SMS messages directly to your contacts. Create an automated sales and marketing process in no time at all.

Personalized emails can be sent to smaller groups of contacts. Use WhatsApp campaigns to increase customer engagement. You can grow your business effectively by using the right mix of digital marketing tools.


With GetResponse, you get a full-featured marketing automation suite that offers a few key features not found in other email automation software, including a webinar hosting feature, live chat, and a website builder that uses artificial intelligence.

Similarly to Active Campaign, it features an advanced contact management system and a flexible workflow automation builder. You can send newsletter campaigns using GetResponse’s free plan, but there’s a limit of 500 contacts, along with only one landing page, sign-up forms, and popups. 


How many new subscribers have you added to your email list recently? To quickly get subscribers up to speed, you can use AWeber’s Follow-Up feature instead of bombarding them with a bunch of past emails.

The “ad tracking” feature of AWeber also allows you to categorize your subscribers based on what they opted in to on your site. The best email newsletter service is AWeber. It’s a solid, trusted service that also offers outstanding support.

Constant Contact

Among the email marketing tools on this list, Constant Contact is perhaps the only one that can be considered legacy software, having been around since the 1990s. A non-technical audience will find its simplicity easier to use even though its user interface may seem outdated and uninspired.

List management, workflow automation, embeddable forms for websites, and simplified reporting are all features you’d expect from this time-tested email automation software.


With Mailchimp, you can create signup forms and surveys, build a website, and get separate volume pricing for transactional emails. There are a number of features in Mailchimp that cater specifically to designers and creative agencies. 

It resizes content to accommodate non-traditional email layouts with Mailchimp’s Content Studio tool. An email subject line helper and content optimizer provide marketers with real-time suggestions.

BEE Plugin Popup Builder

Design beautiful landing pages and emails in minutes. You can easily create mobile-friendly emails and landing pages with BEE’s drag & drop editor. BEE was originally known as the “Best Email Editor.” Since then, landing pages and popups have been added.

The visual builders they provide here at are embedded in hundreds of SaaS applications, and millions of people have used them.


Your contact lists will grow, abandoned carts will be saved, money-making emails and texts will be sent, and more – all from one place. It provides you with everything you need to increase sales at each stage of your customer’s journey through email, conversion, and SMS.

Use custom popups, flyouts, and other high-converting displays to convert casual browsers into subscribers. Boost your Shopify sales by incentivizing new visitors. You can offer a discount to new customers in exchange for their email addresses or phone numbers.

Hello Bar

Increase the number of leads, subscribers, and buyers by 83%. You can design beautiful pop-ups for your site using bars, modals, and sliders. A highly effective, easy-to-use tool that is fully customizable.

Advanced Targeting – Ensure maximum impact with messages targeted at specific users. Get precise target information based on your device, location, visit, and page. It supports WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, and 17 more platforms. One-click installation, no code, no coding required.

Marketing & Sales Conversion Tools


Marketing agencies use HubSpot most frequently for email automation. Lead scoring, email tracking, and contact management are its most popular features.

HubSpot’s Digital Marketing tool set has plenty of other capabilities that make it a full-featured email marketing platform, despite being primarily a CRM tool. The tool allows sales and marketing teams to work together seamlessly and build dynamic lists, segment leads, route leads, and send internal notifications. Get Started HubSpot For Free Today.


Online sales are made easy with our secure, user-friendly checkout forms that accept credit cards and Paypal. It has hundreds of professionally designed templates that can be customized with drag-and-drop technology. Optimized for mobile devices and provides ultimate flexibility.

Build a database of prospects, customers, and leads. By using custom tags and lists, you can organize them into groups. Make a multi-page funnel for converting visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into repeat customers!

Use email or SMS marketing campaigns to engage your users and communicate with them. Its drag-and-drop membership portal builder makes it easy to create content, courses, and training materials.

Utilize lead segmentation and analytics to provide your customers with quality products and services.Manage and track your affiliate network. Flexible commissions, payment milestones, etc. Start Your 14 Days Trial Now


ClickFunnels is a popular sales funnel builder and marketing software. It allows users to create customized sales funnels, landing pages, and marketing campaigns without the need for coding or design skills.

With ClickFunnels, businesses can efficiently capture leads, nurture them through automated email sequences, and convert them into paying customers.

The platform offers a range of pre-designed templates, integrates with various third-party tools, and provides analytics to track funnel performance. ClickFunnels is widely used by entrepreneurs and online marketers to optimize their sales processes and increase conversions. Signup For 14 Days Trail today.

Affiliate Loophole:- 10X Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate Loophole is a WordPress Plugin that Allows to Set Your Affiliate Cookies, Right when a Visitor arrives on Your site. It doesn’t matter if they clicked your affiliate links or not. if they visit your site and then buy the product without clicking your links, you’ll still get the commission from that sale!

A powerful tool to boost your conversions! Works with all affiliate networks or programs. ​you can add as many links as you need per page/post. Read More


Your entire marketing strategy can be managed from anywhere in one place. Work management software for marketers helps you get more done in less time. 30,000 marketers use CoSchedule every day. A calendar allows you to schedule your marketing, see what you’re doing, and share it with others.

This marketing suite contains a complete set of agile marketing products that you can use to coordinate your team, projects, and workflow. You can boost your traffic by writing better headlines using a headline analyzer. Learn new marketing skills in 30 minutes (or less) with the Actionable Marketing Institute.

This is the fastest-growing marketing work management software for newbies. Read More


EverWebinar is an automated webinar platform that enables businesses to create and run pre-recorded webinars as if they were live events. It allows users to schedule and replay webinars at specific times, giving the audience a live-like experience.

EverWebinar offers various features such as interactive chat, simulated live chat, call-to-action buttons, and email automation. It provides analytics and tracking tools to monitor attendee engagement and conversion rates.

EverWebinar is commonly utilized by businesses and marketers to generate leads, educate their audience, and drive sales through automated and highly scalable webinar campaigns. Try EverWebinar Now

Legal Bundle / Legal Pages

DMCADMCA Protection

DMCA provides protection against content theft for website owners. Take a look at the program to find protection badges, a plagiarism checker, an email status report, photo watermarks, plugins, etc. Sign up here to get free DMCA protection badge.

Website Protection Pro

Legal Page Templates Bundle

When you start an online business, it is also important to protect your blog legally once you start blogging and making money online. There are VERY important legal pages, such as privacy policies, disclosures, and terms and conditions, which are required by law.

Therefore, we offer some other on-demand templates for all online business owners such as…

Due to the fact that the creator of these pre-made templates is a lawyer herself, you won’t need to consult a lawyer when using them.

There are also many other legal templates available for different businesses and entrepreneurs. Among them are coaching templates, sponsored templates, affiliate disclosure templates, etc.

Graphic Designing & Editing Tools


Canva is a versatile graphic design platform that empowers users to create stunning visuals without the need for extensive design experience. With its user-friendly interface and vast array of customizable templates, Canva makes it easy to design professional-looking presentations, social media posts, infographics, flyers, and more.

The platform offers a wide range of tools and features, including drag-and-drop functionality, an extensive library of fonts and images, and the ability to collaborate with others in real-time.

Whether you’re a student, marketer, entrepreneur, or simply someone looking to enhance their visual content, Canva provides the tools and resources to bring your creative vision to life. JOIN CANVA FOR FREE

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription-based digital asset library that offers a vast collection of creative resources for designers, marketers, and content creators. With a single subscription, users gain access to a comprehensive selection of high-quality stock photos, graphics, templates, fonts, audio tracks, and more.

Envato Elements provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for professionals seeking assets to enhance their projects. The platform features an intuitive search and filtering system, making it easy to find the perfect resource for any creative endeavor.

With unlimited downloads and commercial licensing, Envato Elements is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to elevate their creative output. Download Envato Elements Here

Envato Placeit

Envato Placeit is an online design tool and mockup generator that allows users to easily create professional-looking visual assets for their projects. Whether it’s logos, mockups, videos, or social media posts, Placeit offers a wide range of customizable templates to suit various design needs.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive editing tools, even those without design experience can create stunning visuals in minutes. Placeit also provides a vast library of pre-made mockups and templates, making it easy to showcase designs in realistic settings.

With its affordable subscription plans, Envato Placeit is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their design process and create visually captivating content. JOIN ENVATO PLACEIT NOW


Alamy is a renowned stock photography agency that offers a vast collection of high-quality images, illustrations, and videos for creative projects. With millions of diverse and unique assets sourced from talented photographers and artists worldwide, Alamy provides a wide range of options to meet various design needs.

Their user-friendly website features powerful search filters and categories, ensuring efficient browsing and discovery of the perfect visual content. Alamy caters to individuals, businesses, and agencies, offering flexible licensing options for both commercial and editorial use.

With its extensive library and reliable customer support, Alamy is a trusted platform for finding exceptional visual resources. Get ACCESS TO STOCK IMAGES

Nowadays in the current scenario, Video Marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive free and targeted traffic to your website and promote your products and services online.

Check out my detailed ARTICLE on “17 Best Video Editing Software & Video Creator For PC“. You will gain a detailed picture of all useful and advanced video editing tools from this article.

We have gathered some excellent video creation & marketing tools for creating interactive videos for content making & content.

Most of the Free Video tools, however, tend to contain limited features and functions, which can be unlocked after upgrading to paid plans. So consider if you feel like having more advanced features.

Filmora Wondershare:-

Multi-Purpose Video Editing Software, Video, and audio editing are easy and fun with Wondershare Filmora on Windows and Mac. You can easily make stunning videos with Filmora.

Vyond (Formerly GoAnimate):-

It is a cloud-based tool for creating video animations. Vyond Studio lets anyone create media that moves, from GIFs to videos. A variety of props, assets, and characters are available for you to use with Vyond to create animated videos for your business.

VidIQ:- YouTube Marketing Tool:-

This online education website provides YouTube channel analytics and tutorial videos. Users can also analyze YouTube analytics data using a Google Chrome extension. There has been a comparison between VidIQ and TubeBuddy, a Google Chrome extension with similar features.

TubeBuddy:- YouTube Management Tool:-

A popular Chrome extension for video creators, TubeBuddy helps you optimize your YouTube content, analyze your competitors, and save time. You can use it to discover the keywords and tags you should target for your videos to increase views and subscribers to your channel.

VideoScribe:- Whiteboard Video Creator

The unique hand-drawn, whiteboard animation style of VideoScribe makes it a popular animation software for beginners. As well as 2D animations, VideoScribe supports mixed media animations. Getting started doesn’t require any animation or design skills.

AVS Video Editing Software:-

AVS Video Editor is video editing software. It is part of the AVS4YOU software suite that includes software for editing videos, audio, and images, burning discs, converting documents, and cleaning registry entries. There are multiple uses for this all-in-one tool for online graphics and video editing purposes.

Adobe Premiere Pro:-

It is one of the most advanced video editors created to date. A timeline-based, non-linear video editing program developed by Adobe Inc. Whether you want to create an online video or a feature film, Premiere Pro gives you everything you need.

VSDC Free Video Editor:-

It’s a FREE and beginner-friendly video editor. A non-linear video editing program, VSDC Free Video Editor can process high-resolution videos including 4K UHD, 3D, and 360-degree VR. With VSDC, you can apply post-production effects, correct color in real time, and track motion in real time.

OpenShot Video Editor:-

This is a FREE award-winning Video Editing Tool. Linux, Mac, and Windows users can edit videos with OpenShot. Put exciting video effects, titles, and audio tracks on your videos. With it, you can use images, audio, and videos to create quality compositions.

Wave Video:- All-In-One Video Marketing Solution

Cloud-based Wave Video software offers businesses tools for creating, editing, and distributing videos via emails, social media, and more. The password protection feature enables supervisors to securely protect videos and include them in marketing campaigns.

The Wave Video platform is an all-in-one video marketing solution. It includes a live streaming studio, camera recording app, video editor, thumbnail maker, and video hosting solution.

Camtasia:- Offline Video Editing Software

All-in-one video editor and screen recorder, Camtasia is the top choice. Create videos by recording your screen, adding effects, transitions, etc. A software demonstration, product tutorial, online lesson, or recorded presentation can be created with Camtasia without video experience. Add existing video footage or record your screen.

Promo:- Marketing Video Creator & Editor

This is a tool for creating promotional videos. Using, you can promote ideas, products, business, sales, events, blog posts, and pretty much anything you like! Make engaging videos for social media, product videos, explainers, and more. This is a powerful solution for giving your brand a voice at scale.

WeVideo:- Online Video Editor

With WeVideo, you can quickly produce professional videos, podcasts, and more regardless of your skill level. Take advantage of top-notch video editing tools, stock assets, and effects. When you use these creative ideas and streamline communication, your classroom, school, team, or business will be more creative and efficient.

Zoom:- Informational Video Maker

In Zoom Video Communications, Zoom Meetings is a video telephony program for business meetings. Make workflows more efficient with Zoom’s trusted collaboration tools, like video meetings, team chat, VoIP phones, webinars, whiteboards, and more.

Up to 100 concurrent users are allowed on the free plan. However, the time limit is 40 minutes. If users wish to upgrade, they can choose from a variety of paid plans.

StreamYard:- Streaming Video Creator

On any connection, you can make studio-quality recordings. There are separate tracks for audio and video recording. All major social platforms can be broadcast directly to your audience, and the interaction is world-class.

Easy-to-use software. You can stream anywhere. In your browser, you can stream and record live events. You can interview guests, brand your broadcast, etc.

Other Digital Tools

Fiverr:- Freelance Outsourcing Services

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers offer a variety of digital services. Buyers can browse through listings called “gigs” and select services that meet their needs.

Communication between buyers and sellers is facilitated, and prices vary based on the complexity of the service. Fiverr provides a platform for connecting talented freelancers with clients worldwide.


ShrinkEarn is a URL shortening service that allows users to shorten long URLs into shorter, more manageable links. It provides a simple and convenient way to share links, particularly on platforms with character limitations such as social media or messaging apps.

ShrinkEarn also offers a monetization feature where users can earn money by sharing shortened links. The platform generates revenue through advertising, and users receive a portion of the earnings based on the number of clicks their links receive.

File Upload

File-upload is a file hosting and sharing service that allows users to upload and store various types of files. It provides a platform where users can upload files from their devices and share them with others by generating download links.

With file-upload, users can upload files of different formats, such as documents, images, videos, audio files, and more. Once the files are uploaded, the service generates unique download links that can be shared with others. This makes it convenient for users to share large files or collaborate on projects by providing easy access to the shared content.


Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on various subjects. It focuses on creative and practical skills, with project-based learning and a subscription model for access to the course library.

Learners can interact with instructors and fellow students, making it a flexible and community-driven platform for personal and professional development.


Teachable is an online platform for creating and selling custom online courses. It provides tools for course creation, payment processing, student enrollment, and progress tracking. It simplifies the process of monetizing knowledge and expertise by offering a user-friendly interface and customizable features for course creators.

With Teachable, course creators can design their own course content, including videos, lectures, quizzes, and downloadable resources. The platform allows customization of the course layout and branding to maintain a consistent look and feel with the creator’s brand.


Udemy is an online learning platform founded in 2010. It offers a wide range of self-paced courses on various subjects. Anyone can become an instructor and create and sell their courses on Udemy.

Courses are primarily video-based and can be accessed through the website or mobile apps. While course quality may vary, reviews and ratings help in choosing the right course.

Course Creators Society

Course Creators Society is a comprehensive resource kit designed to assist in creating online courses. This success club offers a wide range of tools such as resources, planners, templates, a supportive community, networking opportunities, accountability, and partnership possibilities.

It is particularly beneficial for new course creators, providing a step-by-step process for swiftly launching your course creation business. READ MORE


Easyship is a global shipping platform that simplifies the complex process of shipping for e-commerce businesses. With Easyship, users can compare shipping rates, select from a variety of courier services, and manage all their shipping needs from a single platform.

The platform integrates with popular e-commerce platforms, allowing seamless order fulfillment and tracking. Easyship offers features such as automated tax and duty calculations, customizable shipping rules, and discounted shipping rates.

It provides businesses with access to a network of couriers and enables streamlined international shipping, making it easier for businesses to reach customers worldwide. Easyship aims to empower e-commerce merchants with efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions. READ MORE


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create online stores and sell products or services. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customizable templates, making it easy to set up and manage an online store without extensive technical knowledge.

Shopify offers features like inventory management, payment processing, order tracking, and marketing tools to help businesses effectively run their online operations.

It also integrates with various third-party apps and services, providing additional functionality and flexibility. Shopify is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to establish a robust online presence. READ MORE