200+ Best Tailwind Tribes List to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

Hey there, my dear friends! Welcome to my website. I sincerely hope you’re all doing fantastic. If this is your first visit to my blog, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Babita Singh, and today I’m thrilled to share with you how I managed to generate an incredible surge of traffic using a comprehensive Tailwind Tribes list.

I’m thrilled to share with you the incredible impact I experienced with Tailwind Tribes in just a few months. It’s truly remarkable how my blog’s page views soared from 50,000 to an amazing 90,000 in just two months. I can’t wait to reveal the secrets behind this phenomenal growth. So, get ready for an exciting journey ahead!

tailwind tribes list
200+ Tailwind Tribes List

Therefore, 80% of my total traffic source come from the Pinterest, and this traffic sent by Tailwind Tribes to my Pinterest account, so if you are not utilizing the power of Tailwind Tribes I must say, you are not blogging seriously.

What is Tailwindapp?

If you’re not familiar with Tailwindpp and wondering what I’m referring to, let me give you a quick introduction. Tailwindapp is an incredibly useful automated scheduler tool designed specifically for scheduling posts and pins on Pinterest and Instagram.

What’s great about Tailwind app is that it’s highly optimized and even recommended by Pinterest itself. If you’re interested in learning more about Tailwind app and how to use it, I recommend checking out a detailed post I’ve written “Tailwind Pinterest – Tailwindapp the Best Pin Scheduling Tool!“.

It’s a step-by-step ultimate guide that will walk you through everything you need to know about Tailwind and how to make the most of it.

What are Tailwind Tribes?

Once you start using Tailwindapp, you’ll discover a fantastic opportunity to join Tailwind Tribes. These tribes function similarly to Pinterest Group Boards but with an added level of effectiveness. In fact, they work wonders compared to Pinterest Boards. Tailwind Tribes can cater to specific niches, ensuring that you can find a tribe for virtually any niche you choose.

what is tailwind tribes

Therefore, if you can’t find one, you have the option to start your own tribe. While tribes share similarities with Pinterest Group Boards, there are two key differences worth considering…

  • To access Tailwind Tribes, you need to have a Tailwind account as they are exclusively available through the Tailwind app platform.
  • Additionally, participating in tribes requires you to pin and share other people’s content. This collaborative aspect is what makes each tribe incredibly powerful and effective in driving engagement and visibility.

Importance & Benefits Of Tailwind Tribes

People here are actually pinning your pin to their board so that you can really get in front of millions of people and that’s the beauty of it. It’s also very easy to get accepted into the Tailwind tribes.

If you compare Tailwind Tribe to Pinterest group boards you’ll spend an endless amount of emails and may never get them answered. But when you join tribes, lots of tribes get to join you, no need to even request for. You can connect to them without any indication.

Another thing I love about Tailwind Tribes is that it works seamlessly with your organic Pinterest strategy. So if you’re getting hundreds and hundreds of shares from Pinterest users, Pinterest will obviously consider those signals to grow your Pinterest Account.

This way Pinterest knows that your content is popular and is being shared on Pinterest, so it push your content up to the search rankings and also pushes your content to Smart Feed. If you have a good tailwind tribe strategy it can really boost your organic intro strategy as well.

If you are not using Tailwind app Yet, Here you can start your 1st month FREE Pro Subscription using my link. And if you already joined Tailwindapp, then you must be wondering which are the best tribes to join for You and how to find them.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links as I am an Affiliate Partner with Tailwind and You and Me both will get 1 month FREE Pro Subscription worth $15 where you can schedule 100 pins in a month if you sign up via my link. Thanks in advance for supporting my content!

200+ Best Tailwind Tribes List:-

There are a lot of tribes floating around, some are much better than others because of their rules and consistency, they perform well.

It can be really frustrating when you share your stuff in tribes and don’t get any good results. So, I thought I should make it easier for you by putting together a list of tailwind tribes. These are the tribes that work well and are relevant to your interests or industry.

If you join these tribes you gonna thanks me for sure but before sharing list of tailwind tribes you should know the normal rules for these tribes…

  • Pins must be vertical and high-quality.
  • You should repin two other people’s pins for every pin you post to the tribe.  
200+ tailwind tribes list
200+ tailwind tribes list

There is a list of 200+ Best Tailwind Tribes based on Niches, so that you can join the best tribes according to your niche selection.

Top 15 The Best Must Join Tailwind Tribes List

  1. Welcome to Tailwind Communities! 16.1k  Members
  2. Pinterest Friends 7.4k Members
  3. Personal Growth 6.1k Members
  4. Bloggers Killin It on Pinterest | The Art of Better 5.8k  Members
  5. Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe 5.7k Members
  6. Bloggers Unite Tribe 3.1k  Members
  7. Small Business 2.9k Members
  8. Blogging Friends Pins 2.7k Members
  9. Marketing Advice for Creatorpreneurs 2.5k Members
  10. Happiness & Wellness Bloggers 2.5k Members
  11. HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive 2.4k Members
  12. Womens Fashion Affiliate Links 1.7k Members
  13. Lifestyle, Chronic Illness,Mental Health and Self-Help 1.3k Members
  14. Support Small Businesses 1.1k Members
  15. All About $ 1k Members

All Topics Common Tailwind Tribes List:-

  1. Adrian’s Tribe – All niches
  2. All topics – Pinterest buddies 
  3. All Niches! Promote, Grow & Learn
  4. Blogging Together – All Niches Welcome
  5. Bloggers Pinning 
  6. Bloggers Pin Bloggers 
  7. Bloggers Serving Bloggers 
  8. Blogging with purpose 
  9. Blogger Lifestyle 
  10. Blogger’s Helping Blogger’s go VIRAL 
  11. Bloggers Come Together (100+) 
  12. Bloggers Post HERE  
  13. Bloggers Promotion Of All Kinds
  14. Blog post support (hosted by SipBiteGo.com)
  15. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
  16. Bloggers Killin It on Pinterest | The Art of Better
  17. Blogging Friends Pins
  18. Help A Blogger Out
  19. Millennial Life
  20. *Millennial Lifestyle
  21. Pinterest Exposure to the Max 
  22. Pinterest Friends 
  23. Stumbles and Shares 
  24. Viral Posts (5000+ Pins)

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Related Tailwind Tribes List:-

  1. Adrian’s Pinterest Tailwind Blogging Tribe
  2. Affiliate Marketing Professionals 
  3. Blogging Awesome 
  4. Blogging Educators 
  5. Blogging Tips and Advice 
  6. Blogging Tips and Tools 
  7. Blogging Traffic Tips  
  8. Blogging, Marketing and Productivity 
  9. Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe
  11. Blogging + Biz Tips   
  12. Blog Growth and Monetization Tips
  13. Blogging + Income Tips, Strategies  
  14. Bloggers Unite Tribe
  15. Blogging Success 
  16. Blogging Tribe 
  17. Caffeinate And Conquer | Grow Your Blog 
  18. Creative Entrepreneurs & Bloggers 
  19. Digital Nomads | Blogging and Business tips 
  20. Entrepreneurs + Bloggers 
  21. HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive
  22. Millennial Bloggers 
  23. My Blogging Life 
  24. Profitable Blogging Tips 
  25. Small biz & Blog
  26. Quality Affiliate Pins 
  27. Tech Bloggers 
  28. TCB Blogger/Creative Biz
  29. UK Bloggers

Online Business & Work From Home Tailwind Tribes List:-

  1. Business Development 
  2. Business Mavens 
  3. Business & Finance: College, Career, and Entrepreneurship
  4. Digital Marketing, Analytics & SEO 
  5. Making It Pay To Stay
  6. Marketing Advice for Creatorpreneurs
  7. Marketing Digital + Blog + Empreendedorismo
  8. Internet Marketing Tribe
  9. Mona’s Making Money Online Tribe   
  10. *NEW!* Money Money Money!Online Marketing 
  11. Online Entrepreneurs
  12. Online Marketing & Online Business   
  13. Passive Income Ideas 
  14. Selling, Finance, Business , Entrepreneur, Make Money, Health and Fitness.  
  15. Small Business
  16. Support Small Businesses  
  17. Traffic Generation & List Building Strategies 
  18. **Unicorn Advisory Marketing + Small Biz**
  19. Work From Home & Online Business
  20. Work From Home | Blogging Tribe 
  21. Web Designers

Social Media Marketing Related Tailwind Tribes List:-

  1. Affiliate Pinterest Pinning Tribe
  2. Adrian’s Blogging and Social Media Tribe 
  3. Blogging & Social Media Pins
  4. Blogging Tips and Social Media Strategies 
  5. Blogging, Online Biz & Social Media Tribe
  6. Blogging & Social Media Pin 
  7. Explore Pinterest Horizonz
  8. Pinterest, Blogging, SEO Tips & Tools
  9. Pinterest Exposure to the Max
  10. Social Media 
  11. Social Media Advice
  12. Social Media Marketing 
  13. THE Social Media Marketing Tribe 

Femele Empowerment Related Tailwind Tribes List;-

  1. 6-Figure Mompreneurs 
  2. Amazing Women Entrepreneurs 
  3. Be Active ,Sell Products ,Come Join!
  4. Branding (Design & Strategy)
  5. Female Business Coaches and Healers 
  6. Female Digital Nomads
  7. Female Entrepreneur Connection 
  9. Girl Biz Collective 
  10. Girl Boss Bloggers 
  11. Lifestyle Niche Bloggers 
  12. Self growth for women 
  13. Self-Care for the Modern Mama
  14. Women Empowering Women
  15. Womens Fashion Affiliate Links 
  16. The Mama Collective

QUOTES, Self-Development & Motivation Related Tailwind Tribes:-

  1. Inspirational Bloggers
  2. Joy – Inspirational – Quotes – Community 
  3. Millennial Personal Growth
  4. Personal Growth 
  5. Good Vibes & the Law of Attraction
  6. Happiness & Wellness Bloggers
  7. Mental Health & Self improvement ACTIVE + Good RATIO
  8. Motivation, Self-Care, Quotes 
  9. Motivational Travel & Life Quotes [Mappin Monday Tribe] 
  10. Personal Development
  11. Positively Inspirational 
  12. The Power of Positivity 
  13. Self-Motivation and Self-Education Bloggers   
  14. Quotes, affirmations, positive mind
  15. Quotes (hosted by SipBiteGo.com) 
  16. Your Manifestation – Inspire | Motivate | Grow

Tailwind Tribes Related to Book Posts:-

  1. BloggersGetSocial Books
  2. Books
  3. Books, Book Swag, and Book-Related Giveaways 
  4. + Books and Reading +
  5. Children’s Books
  6. Children’s Books Tribe
  7. Paranormal/Fantasy Books
  8. Literacy Related Pins
  9. Self-Publishing Authors
  10. Steamy Romance Books
  11. The Writers Tribe
  12. The Bookish Life
  13. Word Nerds

DIY & Crafts Related Tailwind Tribes:-

  1. AllThingsRelax
  2. 300+ Repins – Popular DIY, Crafts, Home, & Recipes
  3. All Things DIY, Home Decor & Crafts
  4. All Things Planning & Bullet Journal
  5. All Things Parties
  6. All things sewing!
  7. Crafts & Decor (NO RECIPES OR BEAUTY)
  8. Creative Entrepreneurs L.A.B.
  9. Crafts, DIY and Tutorial Pins
  10. Creative Homemaking
  11. DIY & Crafting Bloggers
  12. DIY Bloggers Galore
  13. DIY Bloggers
  14. Free Printables
  15. Home Design and DIY
  16. Handmade & Homemade
  17. Kids’ Crafts
  18. Rocking Pinners Network
  19. Planners Pinning Planners

Education Related Tailwind Tribes:-

  1. A Thinkers Toolbox Tribe PreK-6
  2. Career Advice and Guidance
  3. Badass Bloggers
  4. Educational Finds Tribe
  5. Badass Bloggers
  6. Fun Learning Kids Activities 
  7. Homeschooling and Teaching
  8. Homeschooling/Education 
  9. Middle School and High School Lesson and Activity 
  10. Preschool at Home
  11. S.T.E.A.M.
  12. Special Educators Unite
  13. TeachersDojo Group
  14. Teaching Blog Posts & Freebies
  15. Teaching Ideas
  16. Teaching Blog Posts
  17. The Homeschool Nook
  18. Writing Prompts and Tips

Fashion, Beauty & Style Tailwind Tribes List:-

  1. Beauty bloggers tribe!
  2. Fashion and Beauty Tribe
  3. Fashion Boutique
  4. Fashion, Beauty, Style
  5. Friends Forever
  6. Female Fashion Bloggers
  7. Jewelry
  8. Natural Health & Wellbeing
  9. Women Beauty Tribe
  10. Female Fashion Bloggers

Food & Recipes Related Tailwind Tribes List:-

  1. BloggersGetSocial Foodies
  2. Bloggers Lounge Tribe
  3. Best of the Best Recipes
  4. Breakfast Recipes Only
  5. Culinary Travel
  6. Fabulous Food Pinners
  7. Fab Recipes 4 All
  8. Favourite Food Bloggers
  9. Food & Recipes
  10. Hungry Pinners Recipe Tribe 
  11. Healthy Food Tribe
  12. Keto Low Carb Recipes
  13. Mmmm Recipes
  14. Pretty Food
  15. Power Pins  – 50k or more!
  16. Rock Star 10k Recipes
  17. Vegan Recipes

Lifestyle, Health and Fitness Related Tailwind Tribes:-

  1. Entrepreneurs & Coaches
  2. Emotional Health
  3. Fitness Tribe
  4. Healthy & Eco-Friendly Bloggers 
  5. Gettin’ Healthy + Happy
  6. Inspired & Mindful Living
  7. Lifestyle, Chronic Illness,Mental Health and Self-Help
  8. Mental Health
  9. Mental Health Bloggers
  10. Life Coaching & Self Help
  11. Natural Health & Wellbeing
  12. Personal Growth & Mental Health Bloggers
  13. Positive, Fit, and Healthy
  14. The Spiritual Tribe | by The Path Provides
  16. WEIGHT LOSS | Yoga | Fitness | Healthy Living
  17. Women and Mental Health
  18. Fashion & Beauty Side Hustles + Affiliate Marketing 
  19. Bloggers Pin Bloggers
  20. College Life
  21. Ladies’ Magazine

Money & Finance Related List of Tailwind Tribes:-

  1. A Cure for Monday | Personal Finance Bloggers
  2. Adrian’s Money, Parenting, and Organizing Tribe
  3. All About Money
  4. All About $
  5. Blogging and Personal Finance 
  6. Everything Money
  7. Frugality and Personal Finance
  8. Fabulously Frugal Folks
  9. *Mad Money
  10. Money Matters
  11. Money Saving Tips
  12. *Money Management Masterminds
  13. Personal Finance 
  14. Personal Finance Bloggers Unite
  15. Personal Finance Bloggers
  16. Personal Finance Junkies
  17. Save Money | Financial Freedom | Debt Relief

Tailwind Tribes List Related to Parenting:-

  1. Amazing Mom Bloggers
  2. Adrian’s Money, Parenting, and Organizing Tribe
  3. Balanced Motherhood + Lifestyle
  4. Being a Mom
  5. Breastfeeding
  6. Kid & Parenting Rock Stars
  7. Kids, Parenting and Mom life
  8. Kid’s Birthday Party Planning Tribe
  9. Learning with Play
  10. Mom Bloggers Swap
  11. ManagingMommies Tribe
  12. Mom Resources
  13. MVW- Parenting, Lifestyle & food
  14. ManagingMommies Tribe
  15. Oh, Baby Baby!
  16. Parent and Family Blogs
  17. Pregnancy & Parenting
  18. Practical Mommy Lifestyle
  19. Special Needs Parenting

Pets and Animals Related List of Tailwind Tribes:-

  1. All Things Equestrian & Western
  2. Animal Lovers
  3. Animals and Birds
  4. Blogging about Pets and Paws
  5. Cats of Pinterest
  6. DogPawsCatClaws
  7. Dog Care Tribe
  8. Dogs & Cats
  9. Animals and Birds
  10. Dogs, Cats and Senior Animals
  11. Dogs Dogs Dogs!
  12. Dogs – Dog Training, Treat Recipes and Puppy Tips 
  13. Animals and Birds
  14. Hold Your Horses
  15. Naughty Cats
  16. Pet Care & Advice
  17. Pet Pins only
  18. Pet Blogger Support Group
  19. Pets and Animals
  20. Pets and Wildlife Animals
  21. Pet Blogger Support Group
  22. We Love Cats & Kittens

Traveling Related Tailwind Tribes List:-

  1. Accommodation Around The World [Mappin Monday Tribe]
  2. Budget Travel & Lifestyle [Mappin Monday Tribe]
  3. BloggersGetSocial Travel
  4. Culinary Travel
  5. Female Digital Nomads
  6. Dream.Pin.Go. [Mappin Monday Tribe]
  7. Outdoor & Wildlife Travel [Mappin Monday Tribe]
  8. Top Travel Destinations & Tips
  9. The Best Travel Hacks, Inspiration & Destination Tips
  10. _Travel_
  11. Travel and Wanderlust
  12. Travel Bloggers
  13. Travel Inspiration Wow!
  14. The Best Travel Hacks, Inspiration & Destination Tips
  15. Travel Power Pinners
  16. Travel Viral Pins (500+ repins)
  17. Travel Tips and Destinations
  18. Traveling around the world
  19. Travelers Tips
  20. Ultimate Travel Inspiration and Tips
  21. Wanderlust & Foodie lovers Tribe
  22. Wanderlust Crew
  23. Wanderlust Travel – Asia

So this was my ultimate 200+ Tailwind Tribes list, I hope you gonna love this list and you will be able to find your best Tailwind Tribe out of these niche-specific categories.

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