7 Proven Tips for Crafting Eye Catching Headlines for Blog Posts

Do you want to create eye catching headlines for your blog posts? Have you ever clicked on an article on Facebook or Google just because the headline was so irresistible? I’m sure it’s happened to you quite a few times, right? Now, think about it.

Have you ever thought about what made you click? It could be because of some strong words, a short and interesting story, a curious question, a surprising statistic, a sense of urgency or emotion, or maybe because you were looking for an answer.

eye catching headlines
Eye Catching Headlines

Whatever the reason, the important thing is that the headline caught your attention and made you click. That’s what makes a headline awesome!

Before we dive into specific formulas for catchy headlines, let me tell you one thing. When it comes to writing headlines for blog posts, it’s much better to gather templates and examples that you can use as a starting point.

Trying to come up with unique and original headlines for every post can be a daunting task. Not many people have the time or approach to do that.

If you pay attention to the headlines of popular posts, you’ll notice that they often rehash existing ideas. You can add some catchy words, put a twist on things, or update the ideas to create a fresh headline. Using headline templates or simple formulas is the easiest way to write awesome headlines quickly.

In this post, I’ll share some simple headline formulas that you can easily use to create compelling headlines. If you have other formulas or great examples of blog post headlines, feel free to share them in the comments. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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Here are some helpful resources for writing better headlines:

  • Headline Analyzer: It’s a free tool that analyzes your headlines and suggests improvements. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go and see how it can strengthen your headlines.
  • A cheat sheet for writing killer headlines: Jon Morrow, an expert in the field, offers a free report on headline hacks. It’s a valuable resource that will provide you with plenty of insights on writing great headlines.

7 Simple Methods to Craft Eye Catching Headlines

Discover how effortlessly you can craft exceptional headlines with the help of straightforward formulas and illustrative examples.

1.Answer to Your Burning & Painful Question!

Did you know that using questions in your headlines can make them more interesting and clickable? It’s true! Questions spark curiosity and grab people’s attention. Whether it’s an Instagram caption, a tweet, a Facebook status, or a blog post title, questions always attract audiences.

In fact, just adding a question mark at the end of your title can increase the number of clicks you get. Let me give you some examples:

  1. Are you still eating junk food?
  2. Do you know how to take care of your skin?
  3. Why can’t you trust strangers?
  4. What’s the ideal length for a blog post?
  5. Why is it important to wake up early?
  6. How can you get free traffic from Google to your blog? (I tried using the question technique, and it worked amazingly well!)

Here’s how you can use this formula for your headlines:

Take a look at the hot topics and discussions happening in your field. Think about the questions your readers struggle with the most. Make a list of those burning questions and choose one to cover in your next blog post.

Use that question as the title of your post, and provide a detailed answer in the content. This way, you’ll engage your readers right from the start and keep them interested throughout the post.

2. Write Detailed Helpful How to Tutorial!

One of the reasons WHY HOW-TO headlines are so effective is because they offer solutions to our problems. These types of headlines work best when they address a specific issue your audience is facing.

When we search the internet, we’re often looking for the exact answer to a pressing problem. As users, we’re not too concerned about how much related content exists; all we care about is finding that one excellent, step-by-step solution to our main issue.

Here are some examples:

  1. How to start a blog in 7 steps?
  2. How to effectively manage and reduce anger?
  3. How to start a drop-shipping business?
  4. How to create a YouTube channel for passive income?
  5. How to build an email list for free?

By using these HOW-TO headlines, you provide your readers with practical solutions and guidance. They will be more likely to click on your content because it promises to address their specific problem and provide them with clear steps to follow.

To effectively use this headline strategy, consider the following tips on how and when to apply it:

  1. Identify a specific problem: Narrow down your focus to address one main problem that your readers are likely facing. By targeting a specific issue, you can tailor your post to provide a precise solution.
  2. Understand your readers’ problems: Take the time to understand the challenges your audience is dealing with. What are their pain points? By gaining insights into their needs, you can create content that resonates with them.
  3. Choose one topic at a time: Instead of trying to cover multiple topics in a single post, focus on addressing one issue thoroughly. This allows you to provide a comprehensive and detailed solution, giving your readers the guidance they need.
  4. Break down generic topics: If your chosen topic seems too broad or generic, consider breaking it down into different questions. This can help you create a series of how-to posts, each tackling a specific aspect or subtopic.
  5. Be specific and helpful: Craft your how-to question to be as specific and helpful as possible. The more precise your question is, the better it will attract readers seeking an exact solution. Make sure your post provides practical steps and guidance that your readers can follow.

By following these guidelines, you can create compelling how-to posts that address your readers’ specific problems and provide them with valuable solutions.

3. A Cash Study:- How I Accomplished This!

When you’re a new blogger, writing your own case study might seem challenging. However, you can always turn to interviewing other bloggers and sharing their stories on your own blog. This approach benefits both the bloggers you interview and helps you expand your network.

Case studies can include your own personal experiences, documenting how you overcame a problem or achieved a specific goal. It’s important to consider your ideal reader and determine if your story can assist them in overcoming their own challenges. Make sure to tell the story from beginning to end, providing a comprehensive narrative.

Including real numbers in your case study adds credibility and depth. Remember, case studies aren’t limited to major success stories; you can write them on various topics that resonate with your audience. Discuss specific strategies employed in the case study and don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats.

By leveraging the power of case studies, you can create captivating content that not only showcases your own experiences but also provides valuable insights and inspiration to your readers.

  1. Unveiling My Journey: Establishing a Home-based Handicraft Business at 17
  2. Revealing My Milestone: Earning My First $100 Through Blogging
  3. Success Stories: Discover How 7 Fashion Bloggers Generate $3000 Monthly
  4. Unlocking Growth Secrets: Boosting Organic Traffic in Just 6 Months
  5. Unveiling My Strategy: Gaining 2000 Instagram Followers in Only 3 Months.

How you can use this eye catching headlines formula?

Do you happen to know an accomplished blogger who has achieved remarkable results? Why not reach out to a fellow blogger friend and invite them for an interview and case study on your blog? Additionally, have you considered sharing your own compelling story that your readers would find intriguing?

Select a captivating story and delve into it with precision, incorporating specific numbers and strategies. Offer an in-depth exploration that provides valuable insights for your audience. By showcasing real-life examples and tangible data, you can inspire and empower your readers to achieve their own goals.

So, go ahead and embark on this journey of storytelling, connecting with bloggers and sharing experiences that resonate with your audience. Let the power of personal stories, enhanced by concrete numbers and strategies, captivate your readers and motivate them on their own paths to success.

4. Create Comparative Post “This Vs That”

In our daily lives, we constantly face decisions and choices. Coffee or tea? Instagram or Facebook? Comparisons play a crucial role in aiding readers to make informed decisions.

As readers, it can be perplexing to come across mixed opinions. However, when presented with a comparison headline, it grabs the attention of those who are grappling with a decision, offering them clarity and guidance.

Here are some examples:-

Discover the ultimate decision your readers struggle with the most: Harness the power of comparative titles and provide a definitive solution to the fiery debate within your industry.

5. Eye Catching Headlines for The Ultimate Guide!

The guide formula has been around for a long time and is still effective for businesses and entrepreneurs. To make your title more interesting, use unique words that grab readers’ attention and encourage them to click and read your post.

Here are some examples…

Utilize this headline format effectively:

The guide title shares similarities with how-to headlines, but it’s important not to overwhelm readers with a broad topic. Instead, focus on a single subject and create a comprehensive guide around it. Ensure your post becomes a valuable and substantial piece of content.

6. Errors, Myths, Mistakes, Assumptions!

Another way to create eye catching headlines is by discussing mistakes, myths, or assumptions. You may have clicked on headlines like “10 common mistakes that every new amazon affiliate associates make, Be Aware Off.” Since everyone makes mistakes, it’s important to warn and educate our audience about potential errors and misconceptions.

For Examples;

  • 7 Silly mistakes can ruin your kid childhood
  • Navigating the Pitfalls of Decision-Making
  • 7 common mistakes that small business owners should be aware of

To effectively utilize this formula…

Start by compiling a comprehensive list of mistakes, errors, or myths that resonate with your readers. Focus on common errors that your audience can relate to, or draw from your own experiences by sharing the mistakes you’ve made in your business or personal life.

Additionally, provide practical solutions and guidance on how to avoid making such mistakes in the future. Readers are always eager for solutions, so make sure to address their needs and offer valuable insights to help them navigate similar challenges successfully.

7 Most Recommended A LIST POSTS Method

List Headlines method have an enduring appeal that cannot be ignored. They not only attract readers but also garner an enormous amount of social media shares. Most of the top sites like, Buzzfeed, Lifewire, and TopTenz are renowned for their list posts, which serve as perfect examples of this phenomenon.

While crafting eye catching headlines list posts may require additional effort and research, the results are undoubtedly rewarding. Here are a few examples to illustrate the power of eye catching list headlines:

  1. 29 passive income ideas you can start under $1000
  2. 7 Top Digital Marketing Tools That’ll Instantly Boost Website Traffic!.
  3. 17 Terrible Blogging Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Blog!
  4. 400+ Pinterest Group Boards, you can join today!

To employ this blog post headlines formula effectively, consider providing your readers with quick wins, ideas, or tips that can truly benefit them. Be specific in your list posts, offering practical advice and concrete ideas. By doing so, you’ll not only engage your audience but also increase the likelihood of your content being shared across social media platforms.

What Headlines Formula do You Frequently Utilize?

Lists posts are my personal favorite since I’m drawn to click on titles that feature an impressive number. Now, I’m curious to know which headline types you prefer and find most compelling. Feel free to share any exceptional headline ideas that come to mind.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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